When a Sick Nation Comes Apart at the Seams

Source: Common Dreams
by Tom Engelhardt

“Let me start 2022 by heading back — way, way back — for a moment. It’s easy to forget just how long this world has been a dangerous place for human beings. I thought about this recently when I stumbled upon a little memoir my Aunt Hilda scrawled, decades ago, in a small notebook. In it, she commented in passing: ‘I was graduated during that horrible flu epidemic of 1919 and got it.’ Badly enough, it turned out, to mess up her entry into high school. She says little more about it. Still, I was shocked. In all the years when my father and his sister were alive and, from time to time, talked about the past, never had they (or my mother, for that matter) mentioned the disastrous ‘Spanish Flu’ pandemic of 1918-1920.” (01/06/22)