Crackdown After January 6 May End Up More Dangerous Than Riot Itself

Source: In These Times
by Branko Marcetic

“On January 6 of last year, convinced that Donald Trump’s loss to Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential race was the result of a rigged election, hundreds of his supporters breached the United States Capitol to interrupt the certification of the election results in Congress – to ‘stop the steal,’ as they put it. They had been egged on by a constellation of right-wing corporate media outlets, Republican officials and, of course, Trump himself. A nation and world looked on aghast as a motley band of protesters (from realtors who arrived in a private jet and moms and dads who drove in from far-off suburbs, to bizarrely dressed QAnon believers, militia members and full-on white supremacists) stalked the Capitol halls, taking selfies, looting congressional offices and searching for elected officials, all in an attempt to overturn a democratic election.” [editor’s note: Kudos to this pundit for not labeling it with that “I” word – SAT] (01/06/22)