Big Tech Censorship Is a Problem, but More Government Involvement Is Not the Solution

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Hannah Cox

“[S]ocial media companies do not have to provide fair or consistent services. Heck, they don’t even have to provide unbiased services. True free speech means that they could create communities that were only for communists or only for nationalists if that were their prerogative. It would be a very dumb business practice (as is much of what they’re doing now), but it’s well within their constitutional rights. (We would all do well to remember that the battle for civil liberties typically must be fought on behalf of those we dislike.) You get a choice on whether or not you want to use these platforms, and if you do then you play by their rules. That part is only a problem for people who believe they are entitled to the fruits of another person’s labor.” (01/06/22)