Italy: Regime announces ghettoization scheme for over-50 demographic

Source: Times of Israel [Israel]

“The Italian government approved a measure Wednesday requiring people older than 50 to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, as the country struggles with nearly daily new records of fresh infections fueled by the Omicron variant. … The Cabinet voted unanimously to impose the mandate, which Public Administration Minister Renato Brunetta said puts Italy in the vanguard in Europe in cracking down on those who refuse to be vaccinated and who now account for the majority of patients in Italy’s rapidly filling ICU beds. … It was not immediately announced what if any penalty non-vaccinated older persons might face. But Health Minister Roberto Speranza told reporters that anyone 50 or older will be checked to see if they have a ‘super green pass’ before they enter their workplaces. That certification is reserved to those who are fully vaccinated or who have recently recovered from COVID-19.” (01/06/22)