Sister of murdered security officer files frivolous lawsuit against Facebook

Source: ABC News

“In May 2020, as protests over the death of George Floyd raged across the country, federal security officer Dave Patrick Underwood was shot and killed while protecting the federal courthouse in Oakland, California. The alleged shooter, Steven Carrillo, an active-duty Air Force staff sergeant, carried a ballistic vest with a patch that featured an igloo and a Hawaiian-style print that are both associated with the far-right anti-government boogaloo movement, according to the federal criminal complaint. The criminal complaint also said Carrillo — who was charged with murder and pleaded not guilty — used his own blood to scrawl ‘boog’ on the hood of a vehicle and met an accomplice online through a Facebook group centered on the boogaloo movement. Now, Underwood’s sister, Angela, is suing Facebook in California Superior Court, alleging the company used its algorithms and group function to actively recruit members for far-right extremist groups and promote dangerous content.” (01/06/22)