$30 Trillion National Debt is an Unjust Law to Our Children

Source: The Libertarian Republic
by William L Kovacs

“Welcome to 2022, the year the U.S. exceeds $30 trillion in National Debt. While the federal government and most citizens simply ignore it, some young person somewhere in the U.S., must be asking who will pay off the massive debt run up by the current generation. Certainly, that is not a discussion within my generation. Baby Boomers seem to enjoy borrowing money. At some point, however, someone confronted with having to pay off the debt will object since those future generations will not have had any say in the creation of the debt. What does the nation do when it reaches that point?” [editor’s note: “The nation” isn’t borrowing that money. The politicians are. How and if it gets paid back is a matter for them and their creditors. The rest of us didn’t co-sign – TLK] (01/05/22)