Yes, Senator, “Enough is Enough” – But Not How You Think

Source: American Institute for Economic Research
by George Leef

“[US Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) repeats the leftist trope that states have been steadily shifting away from providing the financial support for their colleges and universities and ‘making’ the actual users pay more of the expense. Cato Institute’s Neal McCluskey has shown here that the supposed disinvestment in higher education just hasn’t happened. But let us assume that Senator Warren’s statement is correct. Would it be so bad if more of the cost of attending college were borne by students and their families, with less falling on the taxpayers, the majority of whom did not go to college and don’t have any children who do? After all, those with college degrees tend to out-earn those who don’t, so isn’t it unfair to compel the former, through the taxes they pay, to subsidize the latter?” (01/05/22)