The Compliance Conundrum

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Gabrielle Bauer

“Both the rule followers and the rule breakers seek to hasten the end the COVID-19 pandemic—they just disagree on how to do it … ‘The pandemic will only end once people comply with the mandated restrictions.’ ‘The pandemic will only end once people stop complying with the mandated restrictions.’ Only one of the above statements can be correct, and a large segment of the population believes it’s the first one. … The most visible symbol of the compliance wars is the mask. In defending the use of masks, proponents invoke not just their mechanical properties, but their social function: to remind people that we’re in a pandemic and need to maintain our vigilance. Mask objectors draw on a parallel logic to support their position: the longer we continue to wear masks, the more entrenched they become, thus weakening the collective resolve to bring back normalcy.” (01/05/22)