Blackshirts again roam the streets of Germany

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“Despite the departure of die Fuhrerin from Berlin, the situation of liberty in Germany is dire. This video shows an elderly woman, walking her dog when accosted by three blackshirts — actually, fully uniformed in black: two men and a woman. Apparently, she is not wearing a mask, and is out on the street without permission of the authorities. And no papers. As they proceed to wrestle with her and handcuff her — perhaps even slap her around — they are soon jointed by an entire squad of “peacekeepers” in black, armed and equipped with cameras to record the faces of the crowd and those who came to see what was going down (and care for her dog, left to wander into traffic). No doubt more squads of goons will be sent to round up those who did not immediately flee the scene and ‘mind their own business.'” (01/05/22)