Ukraine Can’t Afford Presidential Prosecutions

Source: Foreign Policy
by Vladislav Davidzon

“The world has spent the last month and a half transfixed by the question of whether the Kremlin’s threats to massively ratchet up its ongoing invasion of Ukraine is a bluff. The Kremlin is now demanding that the West speedily ratify a pair of draft treaties which would essentially lock Ukraine out of NATO and would consolidate Moscow’s domination over its neighbors. The news that the government of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has initiated legal procedures accusing former President Petro Poroshenko of high treason could not have come at a worst [sic] moment. … The newly opened case against former president Poroshenko is seen by critics within Ukrainian civic society as an instance of selective prosecution. By moving against his predecessor, Zelensky runs the risk of squandering the accumulated national reserve of international good will just as it is critically needed to deter the threatened Russian military escalation.” (01/05/22)