Five ways to be unafraid: Don’t fear omicron, it will burn out

Source: Fox News Forum
by Dr. Marc Siegel

“We have reached another ‘magic’ COVID number, and it isn’t good: More than a million new cases per day. For those who may say case numbers don’t matter, there are also more than a hundred thousand hospitalizations. So even though omicron has only about 20 percent the hospitalization rate as delta, since there are five times more cases now per day in the U.S. with omicron predominating, the hospitalization rate is therefore the same or greater. Omicron is clearly milder than delta, and though there appears to be much less lung involvement, we don’t yet know how much long-COVID there is. … The ‘good’ news is that at this rate this monster COVID wave will surely burn out over the next month especially when you consider there are likely five to ten times more cases than are being reported, given the lack of rapid tests.” (01/05/22)