Boy Scouts fall short in support for US $2.7 billion abuse settlement

Source: CTV [Canada]

“The Boy Scouts of America fell short of winning the support it sought from sex-abuse victims for a nearly US$2.7 billion settlement that could bring the organization out of bankruptcy, according to court papers. The proposed settlement of more than 82,000 claims of childhood sexual abuse earned the support of just over 73% of those who cast votes, below the 75% the Boy Scouts sought. … The 111-year-old youth group based in Irving, Texas, filed for bankruptcy in February 2020, after being hit by a flood of sexual abuse lawsuits when several U.S. states passed laws allowing accusers to sue over allegations dating back several decades. Those claimants are now designated creditors of the organization, so they must sign off on any plans to restructure and exit bankruptcy. Representatives of some of the victims have pushed for larger settlements.” (01/05/22)