North Korea: Regime test launches ballistic missile

Source: CBS News

“Japan and South Korea said on Wednesday that North Korea had launched a suspected ballistic missile that landed outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone. The U.S. military’s Indo-Pacific Command said in a brief statement that it was ‘aware of the ballistic missile launch’ and was consulting closely with allies and partners in the region. … North Korea’s ruler Kim recently marked the 10th year of his regime, and he has promised to double down on military development, citing increasing instability on the Korean peninsula. Already his government is spending about a quarter of North Korea’s gross domestic product on arms, proportionally more than any other country on Earth. Kim has shifted North Korea’s weapons testing into overdrive since 2019, including missile launches from a train and a submarine. Last autumn the isolated totalitarian state announced tests of a new long-range cruise missile, capable of hitting much of Japan.” (01/05/22)