If It’s Really a “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated,” Mr. President, Why Is My Vaccinated 6-Year-Old Wearing a Mask?

Source: Reason
by Matt Welch

“President Joe Biden on Tuesday afternoon made some more public remarks about the still-spiking omicron variant of COVID-19. It wasn’t pretty …. Of particular interest was the president’s insistence on continuing to call it a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated,’ a slogan that was unwise in July, untrue by December, and unbelievable at a time when the positive case rate in a 62 percent fully vaccinated country just reached an all-time high. … If the pandemic indeed no longer applies to me, my family, and the vast majority of people I know … Why on earth is my vaccinated 6-year-old, all the vaccinated kids in her class and after-school, and all her vaccinated teachers and supervisory staff, being forced by state law (influenced directly by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) to wear masks all day long?” (01/04/22)