Europe: Tattoo artists fear for their future after EU ink ban

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“Tattoo artists say that a new pan-EU ban on thousands of chemicals used in colouring inks could hurt their industry. The restrictions, which came into force on Tuesday, apply to substances that may cause cancer or other health issues and mainly affect coloured ink. The EU says the rules will reduce the number of adverse reactions. But tattooists complain replacement inks are not easily available, and might lack the vibrancy customers want. After two years of difficulty caused by the pandemic, many businesses argue they haven’t had enough time to adjust. ‘Coronavirus, with the months of closures, has shaken us badly. Then this comes on top,’ said Hamburg tattoo artist Sebastian Makowski. He told the German press agency the changes were tantamount to a partial ban on his business.” (01/04/22)