Learning From Poker: What Gambling Can Teach Us About Investing

Source: American Consequences
by Kim Iskyan

“’The stock market is a casino …’ Those words have been uttered by lots of people who understand neither the stock market nor casinos… And (as I’ll get to below) they also don’t get risk management, or how to keep their emotions in check, or the value of, you know, work. On the surface, though, there are a lot of similarities between the stock market and casinos. Stocks and gambling involve risking — and losing — money. With both, it often feels like ‘they’ (in stocks, speed-of-light algorithms, market makers, and insiders — in casinos, ‘the house’ and pit bosses) have rigged the system against us normal folk. … it’s easy to tar markets with the dark brush of casinos, as Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren did last January on CNBC when she called for greater regulation of the stock market.” (01/04/22)