What If We Made Democracy … More Democratic [sic]?

Source: In These Times
by staff

“sor*ti*tion (noun) 1. the appointment of political positions by lottery, rather than election … Aren’t elections kind of what ‘make’ democracy? Not according to the ancient Athenians. In fact, these early democrats worried elections would inevitably favor the wealthy and powerful sound familiar? The city-state functioned instead by having citizens randomly selected annually to serve in public office, with duties ranging from monitoring public finances to deciding foreign policy and participating as one (of 6000) jurors on the People’s Court. Women and enslaved people, among others, were excluded, so Athens might not be the best example of a full-fledged democracy; still, they had a point about elections.” [editor’s note: As a means of shifting the focus from “career politician” (which should be an epithet) to “citizen states(wo)man, this could be a giant step – SAT] (01/04/22)