The Behavioral Experiment That Helps Explain the Fall of Elizabeth Holmes — and the Horrors of Socialism

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Jon Miltimore

“One of the reasons Holmes was able to successfully dupe so many was her self-confidence and physical presence. Her piercing blue eyes, bright red lipstick, and mane of blonde hair made her striking in her own right, but the Jobsian black turtlenecks, baritone voice (an act), and cool demeanor seemed to give her a svengali-like quality over many people. For some, the comparisons to Jobs and Edison fell short; she was the next Beethoven. Some simply could not believe Holmes was a liar. The late Secretary of State George Shultz believed Holmes over his own grandson, the very Theranos employee who became Carreyrou’s source. Holmes may have had an additional benefit, however, in how she was able to fool so many people around her. She may not have been aware she was lying.” (01/04/22)