The hell of “Zero Covid”

Source: spiked
by Brendan O’Neill

“Imagine a nation in such a state of distress that its citizens were reduced to bartering for food. A nation where women were so desperate for something to cook and eat that they started swapping sanitary towels for vegetables. A nation where families were so hungry that they would trade their cigarettes for a cabbage. This country actually exists. And it isn’t one of the poor, sometimes famished nations of the global South. It’s China. More accurately, it’s China under the policy of ‘Zero Covid.’ … here in the supposedly free West, too, numerous experts and observers openly lobbied for Zero Covid policies …. ‘Zero Covid,’ over the past year, has become a little like the campaign slogan ‘Defund the police,’ in that the people who pushed this policy now deny that it is actually what they wanted.” (01/04/22)