Last Stand Of The Court Packers

Source: The American Conservative
by George Liebmann

“The Supreme Court, the late Philip Kurland observed, ‘essentially is a moon, rather than a sun. It reflects, if at times it distorts, changes already imminent in the society. Its function is more to justify than to initiate, to choose among preferred contending social values rather than to initiate them.’ For 70 years, there has been disillusionment throughout the Western world with the consequences of the centralizing ideologies fostered by the Depression and the necessary mobilization for war. … The critics of the Supreme Court now view with alarm state legislation to protect the secret ballot, court decisions that limit federal criminal jurisdiction, erosion of the educationist monopoly that excludes 90 percent of college graduates from the teaching force and imposes political indoctrination on students, return of control of contested moral issues to the States, and an end to the proclamation of situation ethics as a rule of constitutional law.” (01/04/22)