Don’t Look Up: The Hipster/Liberal Book of Revelation

Source: CounterPunch
by William Kaufman

Don’t Look Up, the vaunted apocalyptic satire from Netflix, is not as bad as the preponderance of pans would have you believe — it’s diverting enough for you to have a look — but neither is it anything more than just another trudge through the conventional, maudlin sensibilities of contemporary Hollywood, with some modishly liberal/left acerbity thrown in to flatter the hipsters and Occupy Democrats/DNC booster types in the audience. … Teeming with overripe targets and cardboard heroes, this is political satire dumbed down to the masscult expectations of an MSNBC demographic; if anyone is expecting the unhinged, Swiftian divine madness of Dr. Strangelove, forget it — you get two and a half hours of left liberal snark, sporadically diverting enough, with a few laughs.” (01/04/22)