The Free-ish World

Source: Quillette
by Brian Stewart

“The Munich Security Conference can be a rather surly affair — a mini-Davos for crotchety statesmen and paranoiacs in bespoke suits. But in recent years the heads of state, CEOs, and activists who gathered at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof have had especially good reason to be glum. The liberal order that arose from the ashes of World War Two is fraying at an alarming rate. This order has been an unprecedented boon to civilization. Since its creation, the spread of democracy, free trade, and liberalized markets has enriched vast swathes of the planet. Hot wars between great powers, meanwhile, all but vanished during what has come to be known as the ‘long peace.’ Much of this remarkable progress will be at risk should a multipolar world replace the era of American dominance.” (01/03/22)