Is free speech outdated? Part 6 of answers to bad arguments against free speech from Nadine Strossen

Source: Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
by Greg Lukianoff & Nadine Strossen

“John Stuart Mill’s central arguments in ‘On Liberty’ remain undefeated, including one of his strongest arguments in favor of freedom of speech — Mill’s trident — of which I have never heard a persuasive refutation. Mill’s trident holds that, for any given belief, there are three options: 1. You are wrong; in which case freedom of speech is essential to allow people to correct you. 2. You are partially correct; in which case you need freedom of speech and contrary viewpoints to help you get a more precise understanding of what the truth really is. 3. You are 100% correct. In this unlikely event, you still need people to argue with you, to try to contradict you, and to try to prove you wrong. Why? Because if you never have to defend your points of view, there is a very good chance you don’t really understand them …” (01/03/22)