The Jan. 6 committee must consider Trump’s criminal liability

Source: Washington Post
by Jennifer Rubin

“The Jan. 6 House select committee appears to be assembling a powerful case that, as president, Donald Trump conducted a months-long effort to overturn the 2020 election results and, ultimately, instigated an assault on the U.S. Capitol to try to block the electoral vote count. Both the Democratic chairman and the Republican vice chair have indicated this could constitute criminal activity. … Ultimately, the decision to prosecute is up to the executive branch, but from a practical perspective, it matters greatly whether Congress believes criminal activity has occurred. The public will want to know: Was this a crime? Observers are unlikely to be satisfied if the committee offers no official opinion. And if the committee refuses to make a referral where the facts and law indicate criminal liability, its silence would be interpreted as exoneration or at the very least a plea not to prosecute.” (01/03/22)