They Said They Would Slow the Spread

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Jeffrey A Tucker

“There was a goal (stop cases). There was a method (state compulsion). And there was a test (cases were supposed to go down and go away). There would be a war on a virus and the state would win! And now we look around and see the evidence of failure so pronounced, so impossible to deny, that we must face that which so many have worked so hard to deny for so long. … After nearly two years of work to control the spread, after brutal shutdowns of the whole country — shutdowns that happened two years too early, as judged by actual case trends (but of course lockdowns never should have been considered in the first place) — Covid is here. Not just here. It is everywhere. The case counts are beyond anything anyone on the planet could have imagined a year or two ago.” (01/03/22)