Everything Is Political and No One Can Do Anything About It

Source: Jacobin
by Anton Jager

“A new form of ‘politics’ is present on the football pitch, in the most popular Netflix shows, in the ways people describe themselves on their social media pages. To many on the Right, society now feels overtaken by a permanent Dreyfus Affair, cleaving family dinners, friends’ drinks, and workplace lunches. To many in the center, it has created a longing for an era before this hyper-politics …. Those that were politicized by the era marked by the Financial Crash will remember when nothing, not even the austerity policies imposed in its wake, could be described as political. Today, everything is politics. And yet, despite people being intensely politicized in all of these dimensions, very few are involved in the kind of organized conflict of interests that we might once have described as politics in the classical, twentieth-century sense.” (01/03/22)