CDC cuts quarantine time for health care workers

Source: Fox News

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced it will be cutting the quarantine time for health care workers to 7 days after they test positive for COVID-19. Workers previously were required to isolate themselves for ten days, according to the New York Post. Employees are now able to come back to the workplace after receiving a negative COVID-19 test within two days of their return and after not having a fever for 24 hours. The CDC’s new recommendation comes amid the outbreak of the highly-contagious omicron variant which may contribute to a staffing shortage. Omicron accounts for 73.2% of new coronavirus infections in the United States, according to a recent Fox News report. The CDC’s new guidance, which is only applicable to health care workers, could change depending on staffing shortages. Additionally, designated crisis workers could face no restrictions.” (01/03/22)