Health Experts Predict “Unprecedented Number of Social Disruptions” Amid Omicron Surge

Source: Common Dreams

“As the ultra-transmissible Omicron variant causes Covid-19 cases in the United States and around the world to explode at an unprecedented rate, public health experts are warning that the first month of 2022 is likely to be defined by more suffering and widespread disruptions of daily life. ‘Omicron is truly everywhere,’ Megan Ranney, a professor of emergency medicine at Brown University’s School of Public Health, told CNN on Friday night. ‘What I am so worried about over the next month or so is that our economy is going to shut down, not because of policies from the federal government or from the state governments, but rather because so many of us are ill.'” [editor’s note: Having just gotten over the omicron variant, I’ll predict it will become the actual path thru which the “pandemic” becomes part of the normal “flu season” – SAT] (01/03/22)