What USA must do about China in 2022

Source: Fox News Forum
by Gordon G Chang

“China’s regime attacks America every day, and every day America’s political leaders, and especially its president, refuse to react. Why? ‘The Biden administration believes climate change, not Communist China, poses the greatest threat to U.S. national security,’ Len Khodorkovsky, former deputy assistant secretary of state in the Trump administration, told me at the end of last month. Therefore, President Biden has been willing to hand out free passes to Beijing as long as Chinese officials say the right things about carbon neutrality. Unfortunately, the Biden administration completely misunderstands the nature of the relationship with the Chinese regime.” [editor’s note: Mr. Chang correctly identifies the problem; if only his “solution” were not so military – SAT] [additional editor’s note: Actually, there’s no real “problem” to “identify” here that the US government couldn’t solve by minding its own business – TLK] (01/03/22)