What I learned on the progress beat

Source: Christian Science Monitor
by Lindsey McGinnis

“It was June 2020. COVID-19, economic turmoil, and police brutality dominated the news. Articles about combating ‘news fatigue’ or ‘media burnout’ punctuated long bouts of doomscrolling. The New York Times declared, ‘On the Future, Americans Can Agree, It Doesn’t Look Good.’ It wasn’t exactly an auspicious time to take on the progress beat. And yet, my assignment was clear: As the Monitor’s Points of Progress reporter, I needed to identify a handful of credible progress stories every week. It felt like searching for a piece of hay in a pile of needles. For every hint of progress, I encountered at least 30 distressing headlines. It was hard to accept that those glimmers of growth could hold much weight in the midst of such overwhelmingly grim news. But over time, I began to recognize them as fuel for hope.” (01/03/22)