2022 the Year to Take Back Ground

Source: Town Hall
by Michael Brown

“I write these words as a declaration rather than a prediction, as a proclamation rather than a prophecy. Put another way, I’m issuing a challenge and encouraging a faith-filled mindset: let 2022 be a year of taking back ground! It’s clear, of course, that every year is mixed, with progress in some areas and regress in others. And it’s clear that, until Jesus returns, this world will be messed up, marked by pain and suffering and sin. But that doesn’t mean that we simply accept defeat as inevitable. Or that we embrace a mentality of hopelessness. Or that we develop a theology of pessimism (as in, ‘It’s only going to get worse before Jesus returns, so why even bother to try?’) Absolutely not. To the contrary, as I’ve emphasized countless times before, the Bible encourages us to have the mentality of overcomers and victors.” (01/03/22)