Ending The College Bottleneck

Source: The American Conservative
by Neetu Arnold

“A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece for The Hill arguing against a proposed expansion of the Pell Grant program under the Biden administration’s Build Back Better bill. … I received significant pushback — vitriol would be a more appropriate word — from higher-education policymakers and administrators. They implied that my support for alternatives to the higher education system was actually driven by a desire to withhold opportunities from low-income students. After all, college graduates earn higher wages than non-college graduates, so anyone who discourages college education for all must want the poor to stay poor, right? This argument doesn’t hold up to even the most superficial inspection. One could just as easily say that since investment bankers earn more than workers in other professions, anyone who discourages investment banking as a career for everyone must want the poor to stay poor.” (01/03/22)