Hong Kong: Independent news outlet Citizen News shuts down amid Beijing quisling crackdowns

Source: CNN

“The independent Hong Kong news site Citizen News said it will be shutting down on Tuesday, citing the deteriorating media environment in the city and the need to protect its staff. Citizen News was the largest remaining independent news outlet in Hong Kong following the shuttering of Apple Daily in June and Stand News last Wednesday. … Stand News was shut down after national security police raided its office Wednesday, arrested seven people associated with the publication and froze about 61 million Hong Kong dollars ($7.8 million) worth of assets from the company. Police say the arrests were connected to multiple ‘seditious’ articles published by the outlet between July 2020 and November 2021. … Since Beijing imposed a sweeping national security [sic] law in Hong Kong in 2020, pro-democracy groups have dissolved, activists and journalists have been arrested, and a number of independent media outlets have shut down.” (01/02/21)