EU plans to label gas and nuclear energy “green,’ prompting German whining

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“The European Commission has proposed plans to label some gas and nuclear power as green, prompting criticism from Germany. The proposal argues that gas and nuclear are key to helping transition to cleaner power. But Germany’s environment minister called the plan ‘absolutely wrong.’ It comes months after countries pledged to keep temperature rises within 1.5C at the COP26 climate summit. ‘It is necessary to recognise that the fossil gas and nuclear energy sectors can contribute to the decarbonisation of the Union’s economy,’ the Commission’s proposal says. Under the proposal, only gas and nuclear plants with the highest standards would be considered green. Nuclear plants would also have to have strict waste disposal plans, Deutsche Welle reports. While gas plants would have a limit of how much carbon dioxide is released per kilowatt-hour of energy produced.” (01/02/22)