Iran: Regime calls for UN action against US regime for Soleimani murder

Source: Al Jazeera [Qatar state media]

“Iran has called on the United Nations to take formal action against the United States for the assassination of its top general two years ago. … In a letter to the UN General Assembly published late on Saturday, the legal department of Iran’s presidential office called for ‘all legal initiatives in its power, including issuing a resolution’ to condemn the US government and discourage similar moves in the future. … The UN rapporteur for extrajudicial killing in July 2020 concluded in a report that [Qassem] Soleimani’s assassination was ‘unlawful’ and ‘arbitrary’ and violated the UN charter. Last year, Iran requested Interpol ‘red notices’ against dozens of US officials, including Trump who also had an arrest warrant issued by an Iraqi court.” [editor’s note: The US and Iraqi regimes have an extradition agreement; why isn’t Trump cooling his heels in an Iraqi cell? – TLK] (01/02/21)