Privatize Education

Source: EconLog
by Walter Block

“Whatever happened to the axiom, ‘the customer is always right?’ This is a basic foundational premise which operates all throughout the private economy. … ‘The customer is king’ might well be the motto of the capitalist system. Why is this not working in education? Why are there millions of parents outraged with what their children are being taught? The problem is so serious that Attorney General Merrick Garland has felt the need to involve the Federal Bureau of Investigation to quell these protests. What is going on here? What is going on is that when it comes to public education, the children and their guardians, the parents, are simply not ‘customers.’ Rather, they are wards of the state. Yes, their taxes finance public schooling, but they simply have no say in what goes on there, any more than they have control over other gigantic government bureaucracies.” (01/01/21)