Five political predictions for 2022

Source: Fox News
by Colin Reed

“For a beleaguered President Joe Biden, 2021 cannot end soon enough. The year concluded as it began, amid a fresh wave of COVID-induced uncertainty. The only difference? After castigating his predecessor’s pandemic leadership, Biden pledged to ‘shut down the virus.’ He took office armed with three life-saving vaccines (developed under the Trump administration) to accomplish that goal. Yet his July Fourth ‘Independence Day’ from the virus came and went. Soon the nation turned its attention to his administration’s incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan. Autumn was marked by growing economic concerns about inflation, energy costs and supply chain issues. The year closed with Biden’s domestic agenda on ice, stymied by fellow Democrat Joe Manchin’s steadfast opposition. With the flip of the calendar imminent, here are five predictions for the year ahead.” (01/01/22)