Let’s Go Brandon Phenomenon Is Bigger than Biden

Source: Town Hall
by Gil Gutknecht

“Let’s concede that it was both a bit humorous and tasteless for a parent to wish the president a Merry Christmas and a Let’s go Brandon in the same sentence. The bigger story is how this ham-fisted White House staff could have put their boss on that phone in the first place. They seldom allow him off the leash. Maybe this is just one more example of their incompetence. Just look at the original Brandon. He won a race and now is having trouble retaining sponsors. … In a larger sense the entire Let’s go Brandon movement is much bigger than a race car driver or even this president. There is a growing majority of Americans who are tired of being talked down to. They are frustrated. They are angry. They are sick of double standards and the doublespeak.” (01/01/22)