2021 Was a Year of Failed Political Leadership

Source: Common Dreams
by Nanjala Nyabola

“2021 was the year of political leadership, or more importantly, lack of it, and an invitation to reflect on the social consequences of leadership failures. I think for many of us, it was the year that felt like when time slows down while you are witnessing an accident happen (two seconds that feel like two minutes) or in this case, twelve months that feel like a decade of closings, openings, lockdowns, mandates, curfews, hoarding, and devastation. In this year, in which millions of people lost everything, we are reminded that the purpose of leadership goes beyond telling people what to do. We are prompted to consider(in the spirit of recently departed philosopher bell hooks) how governance that has no love for the people it oversees is vulnerable to tyranny and failure.” (01/01/22)