The Hounding of Julian Assange Leaves Honest Journalism With No Refuge

by Jonathan Cook

“It is no accident that Julian Assange, the digital transparency activist and journalist who founded WikiLeaks to help whistleblowers tell us what western governments are really up to in the shadows, has spent 10 years being progressively disappeared into those very same shadows. His treatment is a crime similar to those WikiLeaks exposed when it published just over a decade ago hundreds of thousands of leaked materials — documents we were never supposed to see — detailing war crimes committed by the United States and Britain in Iraq and Afghanistan. …. Now with Assange locked up and silenced, western foreign policy can return comfortably to the era of zero accountability that existed before Assange shook up the whole system with his revelations. No journalist will dare to repeat what Assange did — not unless they are ready to spend the rest of their days behind bars.” (12/29/21)