A Thanksgiving Message from the Publisher

Hey, everyone …

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US — a holiday dedicated to reflecting on the things we’re grateful for. Among those things at MY Thanksgiving table and at Steve’s: YOU.

One month from yesterday will be Rational Review News Digest’s 19th birthday (our history stretches back to 1991 as Freedom News Daily and, before that, Libernet, but December 23, 2002 is the day we struck out on our own in the wake of the previous publisher’s bankruptcy). We estimate our reach, across our web, email, and social media editions, at about 5,000 readers per day, and we love the fact that we’re able to continue bringing all of you the Internet’s oldest daily email (and, later, other formats) news and commentary update for libertarians.

THANK you for reading.

And THANK YOU for the financial support that lets us keep bringing you the freedom movement’s daily newspaper.

Speaking of which:


Yesterday was our second “zero dollar day” in a row.

We’re only $582 away from wrapping up our annual fundraiser. We’re at $1,993. Once we reach $2,575, “matching funds” donor GL will kick in another $2,575 and get us to our goal of $5,150.

Our revenue model is, in a way, “Thanksgiving-based.” We provide the product at no up-front cost, and ask the readers who value it (that is, who are thankful to have it) to return some of that value in the form of financial support.

If you value Rational Review News Digest / Freedom News Daily, PLEASE help us wrap this fundraiser up THIS WEEKEND. After which, you’ll hear not another word from me about money for the rest of the year (and very few such words until next October 1). “Our operators are standing by,” so to speak, at:


We take holidays off, so no edition tomorrow. There will probably be at least one “shorty” edition over the weekend, on Friday and/or Saturday. I have high hopes that one of those “shorty” editions, or Monday’s edition, will announce the successful END of this fundraiser. But that depends on you. The link again:


Thanks for all you do, and have a great weekend!

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
Rational Review News Digest / Freedom News Daily