A functional society? What is that?

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“America has never lived up to our ideals, even though there are times we came close. And there have always been very deeply dark threads in society. People today do not recall the deep evil of the Alien and Sedition Acts and how John Adams both changed and then betrayed his own personal actions. In other words, he was corrupted. (And we can point out exactly the same thing about the deified George Washington, and his actions in the Whiskey Rebellion. Or the sainted Thomas Jefferson’s quasi-constitutional actions in acquiring Louisiana.) … I do not want to dwell on the errors, the sins, of the past. Americans as a people have often missed the mark. But we generally have tried to live up to our ideals. Even though we sometimes deluded ourselves as to what those ideals were, and why what we did (or wanted to do) furthered our efforts to achieve them.” (11/23/21)