Biden’s HHS: We Don’t Have Time to Review Regulations, We’re Too Busy Enforcing Them

Source: American Institute for Economic Research
by Jon Sanders

“A sensible way to reduce the regulatory burden — and one long recognized across party lines — would be to get rid of regulations that are unnecessary, outdated, impractical, or failing to live up to their stated purpose. Regulatory review is supposed to take care of that, but a lack of enforcement mechanism has held it at bay …. HHS also warned that continuing to put off reviews of its regulations ‘would cause the Department to have more work to do in future years and therefore require it to grant extensions to Assess or Review Regulations whose expiration dates are in subsequent years. This could become a vicious cycle.’ Under Biden, however, HHS has a decidedly more insular focus. Gone are concerns about a vicious cycle of unreviewed, untouched regulations going back decades. They have been supplanted by a presumption that review itself is a harmful imposition.” (11/23/21)