Looking at issues through prism of race takes real thinking off table

Source: Fox News Forum
by Greg Gutfeld

“So the Rittenhouse trial might have lasted a few weeks, but like Brian Stelter’s hair, the fallout was immediate. Which is good for shows like mine, because I can just press cruise control and let the morons speak for themselves. Seriously, this script could’ve been written by the producers of ‘Full House’, only the show would have been called ‘Full of Shit.’ … Gee, it almost makes you wonder that they want you to think he drove across state lines. It’s amazing — one simple fact can be distorted, and no producer has taken the time to correct it. They’re too busy trying to adjust the meds for Joy Reid, and spotting Chris Cuomo on his bench. Meanwhile, Eric Swalwell didn’t drive across state lines, but what did the fabricating fartbag do with state secrets when he did the bang bang with Fang Fang?” (11/23/21)