I Know You’re Busy, But Nuclear War Is Getting Increasingly Likely

Source: Caitlin Johnstone, Rogue Journalist
by Caitlin Johnstone

“While mainstream western media have been spending their time concern trolling about a ‘missing’ Chinese tennis player who is not actually missing, hardly any coverage has gone toward NATO’s announcement that if the new German government does not continue to allow US nuclear weapons on its soil those weapons will be relocated to the east of Germany. This would put them closer to Russia’s border, a major provocation of Moscow and yet another step forward in the western empire’s steadily escalating game of nuclear brinkmanship. … ‘Should NATO decide to move U.S. nuclear weapons to Poland, for example, that would likely be seen as a step towards angering Moscow by bringing them closer to the Russian border,’ Reuters reports. Meanwhile the US is considering sending more weapons to Ukraine as tensions mount between Moscow and Kiev.” (11/23/21)