The Excommunication of Liz Cheney: Another sign the GOP has become a cult of Trump

Source: The Nation
by John Nichols

“When neoconservatism was still the favored faith of elites in the Republican Party, Liz Cheney was a high priestess. She worshiped at the altar of defense budgets and surveillance schemes. She preached a gospel of tax cuts for the rich, giveaways for corporations, and austerity for the masses. Intensely ambitious and always on message, she rose rapidly in the ranks of the party that extended from her father’s reign as the initiator of forever wars. Then the Grand Old Party adopted a new religion (Trumpism) and the representative from Wyoming proved to be insufficiently delusional. Faced with a choice between the oath she swore to protect the Constitution and the authoritarian mandates of Donald Trump and his minions, Cheney remade herself as a small-d democrat.” (11/23/21)