Why is courage so hard?

Source: Nonzero Newsletter
by Robert Wright

“Last week I listed several senses in which ‘the psychology of tribalism’ is a misleading term for the mental dynamics it refers to. But I forgot to mention the most fundamental sense of all, a sense that helps explain the other senses: The human brain didn’t evolve in a context of tribes. The term ‘tribes’ has been used in different ways by different anthropologists, but it just about always refers to a society with domesticated plants or animals and a social structure larger and more complex than a hunter-gatherer society. So tribes are pretty new; domesticated plants and animals have been a thing for a bit over 10,000 years, whereas hunting and gathering had been the only mode of subsistence available to our ancestors for the preceding, oh, one or two or three million years, depending on when you stop counting.” (11/23/21)