Police Aerial Surveillance Endangers Our Ability to Protest

Source: Electronic Frontier Foundation
by Matthew Guariglia

“The California Highway Patrol directed aerial surveillance, mostly done by helicopters, over protests in Berkeley, Oakland, Palo Alto, Placerville, Riverside, Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Luis Obispo. The footage, which you can watch online, includes police zooming in on individual protestors, die-ins, and vigils for victims of police violence. … Police planes or helicopters flying overhead can easily track and trace an individual as they go about their day — before, during, and after a protest. If a government helicopter follows a group of people leaving a protest and returning home or going to a house of worship, there are many facts about these people that can be inferred. Not to mention, high-tech political spying makes people vulnerable to retribution and reprisals by the government.” (11/22/21)