Israel: Knesset passes first reading of bill to limit PM’s term to eight years

Source: Times of Israel

“The Knesset gave its initial approval Monday night to a bill limiting prime ministers to a maximum of eight years in office. The coalition passed the first reading of the legislation by 66 to 49 votes in the 120-seat parliament, with the opposition’s Joint List party joining its ranks to support the bill. The legislation must clear two more Knesset plenum readings before becoming law. … The proposed amendment would force a prime minister to step down after eight consecutive years in power, requiring the formation of a new government, though not necessarily new elections. The bill also bars a person from being premier even if one has served two non-consecutive terms as prime minister, if no more than three years separate the tenures. … Likud MKs railed against the proposal, saying it was a ‘personal law’ aimed at keeping former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu from returning to power.” (11/23/21)