Do You Become a “Closet Liberal” the Moment You Question a Single Conservative Talking Point?

Source: Town Hall
by Michael Brown

“What does it take to merit being called a ‘closet liberal?’ I’ve been trying to figure that out after reading some comments to my recent article rebutting the leftist claims that the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict was a victory for white supremacists. To be clear, though, from the outset, this article is not about me. It is about the question of what it means to be a conservative. I simply use myself as an example. My question for consideration is this. If you have voted exclusively Republican for decades (including voting for Trump in 2016 and 2020), you are a staunch, Bible-based moral conservative on marriage and family issues, and you have consistently spoken out against the leftwing, Democratic agenda, how do you then become a ‘closet liberal?'” (11/22/21)